[Product Name]: DL-Methionine Feed Grade [AA0009]

[Chemical Formula]: C5H11NO2S

[CAS]: 59-51-8

[Product Performance]: 

DL-Methionine is approved for use in all animal species with specific benefits for monogastrics. It ensures an adequate supply of sulfur-based amino acids, especially methionine, which is essential. Many commercial feeds for piglets (and other pigs) demonstrate a considerable deficiency in methionine, especially when formulated to achieve low nitrogen excretion for ecological reasons. Improved utilization of feed resources decreases feed costs. This deficiency in commercial feeds can be effectively and conveniently rectified by adding DL-Methionine. 

[Certificate of Analysis]:

Testing Item Standard Result
Assay/% ≥99.00 99.18
Loss on Drying/% ≤0.30 0.10
Chloride (NaCl)/% ≤0.20 <0.2
Heavy Metal (Pb, mg/kg) ≤20 <20
Arsenic (As, mg/kg) ≤2 <2

[Storage]: Store in a climate controlled, insulated, dry, and ventilated location. Avoid moisture at all times. Please handle carefully to prevent container damage and be sure to stockpile in a location that does not contain toxic substances.

[Packing]: Net 25kg kraft paper bag or 500kg, 1000kg bulk bag

[Loading]: 20mt/20FCL’ ;16~20mt/20FCL’ with pallets

[Shelf Life]: Three years (when properly stored)


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