Product Name]: L-Arginine Feed Grade [AA0008]

[Chemical Formula]: C6H14N4O2

[CAS]: 74-79-3

[Product Performance]: 

Arginine is a nutritional supplement composition used to assist the urea cycle that has important physiological functions. Increased ingestion of arginine can increase the activity of arginase in the liver while helping to transform/neutralize and drain ammonia from the urea. Arginine can be very helpful in the reduction of ammonia in the bloodstream, prevention of liver dysfunction, etc. 

[Certificate of Analysis]:

Testing Item Standard Result
Appearance White Crystalline Powder Conforms
Assay/% 98.5~101.5 99.5
Identification Ninhydrin Conforms
Chloride (Cl)/% ≤0.007 <0.007
Sulfate (SO4)/% ≤0.0065 <0.0065
Heavy Metals (Pb)/% ≤0.002 <0.001
Loss on Drying/% ≤0.2 0.10
Residue on Ignition/% ≤0.1 0.04

[Storage]: Store in a climate controlled, insulated, dry, and ventilated location. Avoid moisture at all times. Please handle carefully to prevent container damage and be sure to stockpile in a location that does not contain toxic substances.

[Packing]: Net 25kg/bag

[Loading]: 18MT/20FCL’ ; 16MT/20FCL’ with pallets

[Shelf Life]: Two years (when properly stored)


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