[Product Name]: L-Valine Feed Grade [AA0004]

[Chemical Formula]: C5H11NO2

[CAS]: 72-18-4

[Product Performance]: 

Along with lysine, theonine, methionine and tryptophan, L-Valine is an essential nutrient for pigs and poultry. In practical European feed formulas, it is usually regarded as a fifth ‘limiting’ amino acid. Since it cannot be synthesized in the body, it is necessary to add dietary supplements. Valine can also improve feed conversion rates and amino acid efficacy. 

[Certificate of Analysis]:

Testing Item Standard Result
Appearance White Crystals or Crystalline Powder Conforms
Assay/% ≥98.50 99.60
Specific Rotation +26.6~+28.8 +27.4
Light Transmittance ≥94 97.1
Residue on Ignition/% ≤0.10 0.08
Chloride (Cl)/% ≤0.05 0.018
Ferrum (Fe)/% ≤0.0030 0.0008
Sulfate (SO4)/% ≤0.03 0.015
Heavy Metal (Pb)/% ≤0.0015 0.0008
Loose Bulk Density/(g/ml) / 0.40
Bulk Density/(g/ml) / 0.69
Total Plate Count/(cfu/g)  ≤2000 170
Size(80mesh conforms rate)/% / 90
Loss on Drying/% ≤0.30 0.17
PH 5.5~7.0 Conforms

[Storage]: Store in a climate controlled, insulated, dry, and ventilated location. Avoid moisture at all times. Please handle carefully to prevent container damage and be sure to stockpile in a location that does not contain toxic substances.

[Packing]: Net 25kg/bag

[Loading]: 17-20mt/20FCL’ ;15mt/20FCL’ with pallets

[Shelf Life]: Two years (when properly stored)


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