[Product Name]: L-Threonine Feed Grade

[Chemical Formula]: C4H9NO3

[CAS]: 72-19-5

[Product Performance]: 

L-Threonine amino acid is added to forage for newborn pigs, as well as poultry, shrimp, eels, etc. It helps to maintain a healthful balance of amino acids in the forage and stimulates animals’ growth, as well as improving meat quality, while increasing the nutritional value of raw forage materials, which tend to have low amino acid digestibility. It decreases nitrogen content in animals’ excrement and urine, slowing the release of ammonia and helping to maintain low ammonia concentration in animal barns. L-Threonine can be applied to the production of low-protein forage while reducing the cost of raw materials.

[Certificate of Analysis]:

Testing Item Standard Result
Assay/% ≥98.50 99.30
Specific Rotation -26.0~-29.0 -28.40
PH Value (1% water solution) 5.0-6.0 5.38
Loss on Drying/% ≤1.00 0.50
Residue on Ignition/% ≤0.50 0.20
Heavy Metal (Pb, mg/kg) ≤10 <10
Arsenic (As, mg/kg) ≤1.0 <1.0

[Storage]: Store in a climate controlled, insulated, dry, and ventilated location. Avoid moisture at all times. Please handle carefully to prevent container damage and be sure to stockpile in a location that does not contain toxic substances.

[Packing]: Net 25kg/500kg/750kg/800kg/900kg/1000kg in woven polypropylene bags with PE-liners

[Loading]: 20mt/20FCL’; 15-18mt/20FCL’ with pallets

[Shelf Life]: Two years (when properly stored)


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